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In Leadership & Management Skills for Women—One-day Workshop, you'll learn...

  • Strategies for effective leadership at all levels—in every situation
  • Discipline and feedback skills for improving employee performance
  • Supervision techniques guaranteed to earn you cooperation and respect
  • Assertive communication techniques to ask for what you need directly and tactfully
  • How to sell your ideas in meetings and to the boss
  • Tools for handling confrontation and conflict with ease
  • Motivation strategies for bringing out the best in your employees
  • Lessons and insight from women in top leadership positions

Despite tremendous advances women professionals have experienced over the years, they still find themselves facing tough challenges. They get mixed messages and mixed reactions as they take on leadership roles. And all too often, they get only mixed results when leading others.

That’s why this incredible leadership training opportunity for women was created. Leadership & Management Skills for Women—One-day Workshop was developed by the National Businesswomen’s Leadership Association and is designed to build on a woman’s inherent talents and strengths. The skills you learn here will help you become more effective, more confident and more successful.

In a relaxed, stress-free environment, you’ll learn shoulder to shoulder with other professional women from your area, networking with leaders you’d never have had the chance to meet otherwise. You’ll leave motivated and energized, armed with must-have leadership tools guaranteed to make a dramatic, immediate impact on your results. Don’t miss this chance to build your skills fast to become a highly effective, inspiring leader others are eager to follow!

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    SkillPath Seminars offers the following course: Leadership%20%26amp%3B%20Management%20Skills%20for%20Women%26mdash%3BOne%2Dday%20Workshop

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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    Session 1: A Woman’s Unique Strength as a Leader: How to Develop Yours!+
    • Understanding how your strengths play into today’s management style
    • Major myths about women in leadership you should erase from your consciousness
    • What’s your Power Profile? An insightful self-assessment
    • Why you can’t be everyone’s best pal, and other missteps women leaders must avoid
    • Taking risks, taking responsibility, taking action and other crucial leadership lessons from today’s most successful women in business
    Session 2: Winning Motivation Techniques and Other Must-have Leadership Tools+
    • Proven techniques for motivating your employees to give their all
    • The power of sincere praise to motivate, build loyalty and keep good employees
    • The art of delegation—and why some women find it so tough
    • Key negotiation strategies for getting what you want without being a steamroller
    • Top 10 Tools: Goal-setting, coaching, team-building and 7 other supervisory essentials sure to earn you respect from employees, peers and top brass
    Session 3: Criticism and Discipline for Improved Employee Performance+
    • 13 reasons why people don’t do what they’re supposed to do and what you can do about it
    • When—and how—to confront employee performance problems
    • How-to’s for giving constructive feedback that results in improved performance, not anger and defensiveness
    • Tips for turning around attitude problems and other specific unwanted behaviors
    • Discipline techniques that really work—and measures guaranteed to fall flat
    Session 4: Assertive Communication: Your Key to Leadership Success+
    • Assertive communication: How to be direct in a tactful, professional manner
    • Be heard! Proven strategies for getting your ideas heard in meetings—even when louder male voices threaten to drown you out
    • Uncomfortable speaking in front of others? Power speaking skills to help you shine
    • How to say “no” without feeling guilty
    • Active listening tips that double your communication effectiveness
    Session 5: Effectively Handling Confrontation, Conflict and Other Uncomfortable Situations+
    • How to disagree firmly but tactfully, without backing down at the last minute
    • Why women so often fear confrontation—and a step-by-step method for calmly facing it head on
    • The 3-point A.C.E. method to conflict resolution
    • Quick-thinking strategies for handling cheap shots and hardball tactics
    • Tips for neutralizing paralyzing emotions so you can think straight when things get heated
    Session 6: Dealing With the Diversity of the Workplace+
    • Avoid the pitfalls when supervising those much younger or older than you
    • Build a framework for creating a successful organizational culture from your staff’s diversity
    • Strategies that get past gender bias: What you can do when issues arise
    • Plain ol’ difficult people … are they really difficult or just different?
    • Create an atmosphere of inclusion for workers with disabilities
    • Learn how to supervise those with different work ethics, styles and perspectives
    Session 7: Building Credibility and Increasing Your Visibility to Get Ahead+
    • Credibility plus: Tips for communicating the image of a total professional
    • Common land mines that can damage a woman’s leadership credibility—and how to sidestep them
    • Strategies for increasing your visibility, inside and outside your organization
    • How to toot your own horn to showcase your accomplishments without being obnoxious
    • Expanding your connections through the power of networking: How to make it work
    Session 8: Onward and Upward: Creating a Success Roadmap+
    • Looking beyond the boundaries of self-limiting perspectives to determine what your version of success really is
    • Be prepared! Gaining the key skills top management looks for in women they promote
    • How a mentor can pave the way for you—don’t be afraid to ask!
    • Guarding your personal time: The secret to avoiding management burn-out and stress overload
    • Developing your Personal Action Plan


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