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In Improving Employee Accountability, you'll learn...

  • How to create a happier, more motivated team
  • The secret to giving sincere, helpful feedback without undermining attitudes and progress
  • Tips for bringing uncooperative, tentative employees on board
  • Why accountability is the quickest path to employee engagement
  • How accountable workers are different than responsible (and irresponsible) workers

Boost engagement. Bolster happiness. Improve results.

Disengaged, unmotivated workers cost organizations billions each year. And many managers and leaders are hesitant to act—to hold workers accountable.

Great leaders will set the tone and build a culture where employees proudly own their work.

But creating this accountable work culture takes more than the flip of a switch. It takes carefully built trust. Your team needs to completely understand the power you’re handing them as well as the expectations and the consequences.

An accountable culture raises the bar and rewards high performance. It challenges and motivates while nurturing independent work and decision making. Let us show you how to assign responsibilities and goals—and build employee confidence with honest feedback. And, as you put your more accountable workforce in motion, you’ll reinforce your status as a leader who can rally the troops and get real results.

Improving Employee Accountability will teach you how to reach underperforming employees, get total buy-in and create win-win solutions for you and your team members. Sign up for this one-day seminar that’s jam-packed with proven strategies you can use right away to start increasing employees’ personal responsibility and watching their success grow.

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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    Session 1: The basics of employee accountability+
    • The difference between responsibility and accountability and why you need both
    • The effects of a lack of personal responsibility on your organization
    • The #1 key to employee accountability
    • What makes management hesitant to hold employees accountable
    • Leading by example and how to get others to follow
    • How to approach employees with varying backgrounds and values
    • How to position accountability as a win-win for everyone on the team
    Session 2: Establishing clear benchmarks+
    • Clearly determining responsibilities and goals for everyone on your team
    • Define success and possible paths to get there
    • Why assessing skills and knowledge helps
    • How quantifiable metrics help cement expectations for any position
    • Where to set the bar so each person is challenged
    • Getting employee commitment and buy-in to goals and expectations
    Session 3: Delivering effective feedback+
    • Tips for handling constructive criticism so it doesn’t cause bad feelings
    • The importance of the timing of your feedback
    • When to use a 3-step plan for softening negative feedback
    • How to tailor your discussion based on the individual
    Session 4: Setting consequences and ending blame+
    • The best ways to reward employees who are responsible and accountable
    • How to handle employees who aren’t meeting expectations
    • How to reach workers who overestimate their contributions
    • Understand why people point fingers instead of taking personal responsibility


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