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In FMLA Compliance Update, you'll learn...

  • How to discipline employees before, during and after leave—and terminate, if necessary
  • How to determine which medical conditions are considered “serious” according to the most recent changes to FMLA law
  • How to properly reinstate and transfer returning workers
  • How to clarify the many gray areas when determining FMLA eligibility
  • And more!

From recognizing what a serious health condition is … to complying with expanded FMLA coverage for military families … to gaining control of intermittent leave … to coordinating leave under the ADAAA, Worker’s Comp and other overlapping legislation … a “good working knowledge” of the FMLA is not enough. You need not only the very latest information on how court rulings and interpretations are changing your rights and obligations but also cutting-edge tools for applying the law decisively in your workplace. The answer? Our new regulatory update workshop—FMLA Compliance Update. In one day, you’ll quickly gain the detailed knowledge and in-depth understanding you need to confidently and correctly administer leave under the FMLA’s evolving rules—both now and in the future.

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    SkillPath Seminars offers the following course: FMLA Compliance Update

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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    Session 1: Up-to-the-minute court developments+
    • A valuable overview of changing FMLA requirements—and what the new rules are
    • Key areas of the law being scrutinized by the courts
    • Keep in step with how federal courts are rewriting the FMLA rules—and affecting your day-to-day decisions
    • Update on the Department of Labor’s final regulations governing the FMLA and your new rights and responsibilities
    • What’s ahead? Preparing for future FMLA changes and challenges
    Session 2: Employer designation and notification “hot spots” and how they impact you+
    • Your employee notice requirements … key changes from the recently revamped FMLA regulations
    • Examine the new, tighter notice requirements and how they are actually a good change for employers
    • What’s considered a “serious health condition”—how the new regulations are making it more difficult than ever to decide what qualifies and what doesn’t
    • How the definition of “work site” is creating complications for employers and employees alike
    • NEW: If the employee doesn’t ask for “FMLA leave,” you don’t have to give it—true or false?
    • How changes in the FMLA make calculating the tricky “12-month period” even trickier
    • Keeping employees informed of how much leave they’ve used and how much is left—the way the law requires
    Session 3: Properly require medical certifications and recertifications+
    • Grasping the changing definition of “health care provider”—who qualifies now?
    • Applying your new rights as an employer when confirming the validity of an employee’s medical certification
    • When paid leave is substituted for unpaid leave—how your right to request medical information changes
    • Specific things to consider when an employee refuses to give you permission to gain additional medical information
    • Resolving conflicting medical opinions—your options when health care providers don’t agree
    • How to spot holes you may not even realize exist in your recertification practices
    Session 4: The latest twists in administering intermittent and reduced-schedule leave+
    • Gain firm guidelines on handling the many questions that can arise when granting intermittent leave
    • When Department of Labor auditors come knocking—will your intermittent-leave record keeping pass the test?
    • When you may have to extend FMLA beyond 12 weeks
    • The power of clear communication between employees and their managers in minimizing FMLA scheduling problems
    • The latest guidelines for deciding which days or hours to use for intermittent and reduced-schedule leave
    • Certain conditions that must be met before transferring an employee using intermittent leave to another position
    Session 5: Manage the changing legal realities of reinstating returning employees+
    • When it is your absolute right to refuse to restore an employee to an equivalent position
    • Return-to-work medical certificate issues that managers are most apt to mishandle
    • How to sort through all the confusing issues when restoring employees to their previous positions
    • Is it really an “equivalent” position? Why it’s important you get this right
    • The special case of key employees: Do you understand your rights and obligations—and theirs—regarding job restoration?
    Session 6: Discipline—and terminate, if necessary—employees under the FMLA+
    • Planning to terminate an employee under FMLA leave? What you need to know first
    • The importance of keeping the FMLA out of negative employment decisions
    • Unique disciplinary situations that can arise under the FMLA—and their practical solutions
    • A problem employee requests FMLA leave—does that change your plans to terminate him or her?
    • Solutions for dealing with employees on FMLA leave who “moonlight”
    • How to adequately protect yourself from retaliation claims
    Session 7: Coordinate leave under the FMLA and other overlapping laws+
    • The ADAAA? Workers’ Comp? State laws? Why navigating overlapping laws is one of the toughest problems for managers
    • A helpful rule of thumb to follow when deciding which leave law applies when
    • How an employee can have a “serious health condition” but not be covered for a disability under the ADAAA
    • When Workers’ Comp leave may count against an employee’s FMLA leave
    • Pregnancy and the FMLA: Strategies that will get you through every tough situation
    • What you need to know about the “interactive process” under the ADAAA
    • Re-examining your light-duty policies and options
    Session 8: Avoid the biggest mistakes managers make+
    • Administering the FMLA in today’s workplace—a 10-point checklist for managers
    • 2 areas where supervisors are most likely to be held personally liable for FMLA violations
    • What courts that have addressed the issue of “individual liability” are finding
    • Privacy and medical information under the new FMLA and who can—and can’t—directly contact health care providers
    • Where to turn to find the latest court decisions and opinions you need to stay on top of


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