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In Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor, you'll learn...

  • Actions you can take that will establish your authority, boost your credibility and earn respect
  • 5 surefire ways leaders gain the commitment and cooperation of workers
  • How to manage up the ladder—tips for communicating with your boss and other executives
  • How to conduct a fair and constructive performance evaluation
  • And much more

This intensive day focuses on the unique challenges you face every day in your job and offers solutions to help you fully achieve your potential—not just as a manager or supervisor, but as a true leader who commands respect, commitment and credibility.

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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    Session 1: New or not, making the leap from worker to supervisor+
    • What it takes to be a manager: An overview of your day-to-day responsibilities
    • Why it’s important to “take charge” and put your best foot forward from the beginning—and a half-dozen tips for doing just that
    • A dozen actions you can take that will immediately establish your authority, boost your credibility and earn respect
    • The subtle do’s and don’ts in the relationship boundaries between you and your boss
    • Drawing the line on social relationships with those you manage
    • 10 common management missteps you’ll want to avoid
    Session 2: Why leadership is an essential ingredient of management+
    • Why bosses turn people off—and leaders turn people on
    • 5 sure-fire ways leaders gain the commitment and cooperation of workers
    • The advantages of being available and visible to workers
    • How to develop your natural leadership ability to spark passion in workers—and in other managers
    • Understanding the long-term benefits of developing and mentoring employees
    • How to develop and assert your leadership abilities in group or team situations
    Session 3: Indispensable everyday management skills+
    • How to keep track of employees’ progress on a project without giving the appearance that you’re checking up on them
    • Interviewing tips for choosing candidates who will work to achieve the organization’s goals and take pride in turning in a quality performance
    • How to make delegating a natural, comfortable part of your supervisory routine
    • How to develop coaching skills that help employees reach their full productivity potential
    • Together Everyone Achieves More—how to turn a diverse group of people into an empowered, smooth-functioning team
    • Techniques for putting your creative problem-solving ability to work in supervisory situations that call for innovative solutions
    • A 5-step approach to identifying and solving any problem
    • An overview of EEO and sexual harassment guidelines every manager must know
    Session 4: Make things happen: Boosting worker enthusiasm and commitment+
    • How to increase productivity by effectively assessing workers’ skills and matching them to work assignments
    • Using praise effectively: Why how you praise is as important as the praise itself
    • Pointing workers at the bull’s-eye: How to craft goals that workers can aim for and achieve
    • The top 10 ways to harness inborn worker motivation to accomplish organizational goals and produce quality work
    • How to put the greatest management principle in the world into practice to save you and your employees countless hours of frustration and unnecessary work
    Session 5: Getting the job done right and on time: How to manage projects and priorities+
    • Understanding the concept of important versus urgent: How to define your productivity payoffs and take action for success
    • Understanding the Project Life Cycle—a step-by-step map to project success
    • 9 steps for defining and planning any project
    • The single key to understanding how to manage multiple projects
    • How to use your goals to set your daily priorities
    Session 6: Communication skills that make the difference+
    • The 10 keys to leading successful meetings
    • How to deliver your message clearly and concisely in a memo or letter
    • How to manage up the ladder—tips for communicating effectively with your boss and other executives
    • Using your listening skills to create a caring, understanding workplace
    • How to give criticism and negative feedback without provoking workers
    • 6 tips for overcoming the most common supervisor-employee communication barriers
    • How to make presentations that captivate, persuade and push people to action
    Session 7: Correcting problem behavior and poor performance+
    • Strategies for getting to the root causes of poor performance
    • A step-by-step approach to firing employees who don’t measure up
    • How to conduct a fair and constructive performance evaluation—and what to do when workers disagree with your assessment of their performance
    • Easy methods for overcoming tardiness and absenteeism
    • The 2 key behavior modification techniques that are successful in turning around unacceptable performance
    • Mistakes happen: How to discipline employees and set up an improvement plan that allows growth and learning to occur
    Session 8: Controlling conflict in the workplace+
    • How to save face when an employee sets you up or publicly tries to embarrass you
    • How to handle an employee who disagrees with something you want done or the way you want it to be done
    • How to handle employee complaints about working conditions
    • How to deal with employees who constantly complain they have too much work
    • How to deal with employee disagreements without escalating the problem
    • How to avoid the conditions that foster employee conflict
    Session 9: Supervisor, manage thyself+
    • Dealing with interruptions, procrastination and other time robbers: 9 tips for budgeting your time to multiply the results you get from every day
    • How to keep your cool and stay motivated even in the most heated moments
    • Putting the brakes on stress even when tight deadlines and tough situations have you working at fast-forward speed
    • Why it’s important to your career to stop fighting and start facing change
    • How to bear the emotional burden of supervisory nightmares
    • Building your assertiveness: How to project self-confidence without coming across as arrogant or pushy
    • Developing an “I’m-OK” attitude: How to put an end to self-defeating thoughts and negative attitudes that keep you from achieving your peak

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