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In How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People, you'll learn...

  • To speak … write … communicate—clearly and tactfully
  • To make the skills of today’s best supervisors second nature
  • How to deal quickly and professionally with every performance problem
  • To give criticism in a way that creates positive behavior—not resentment
  • And much more!

Here’s the bottom line: To succeed in your expanding role, you’ve got to get in tune with the times … and keep one step ahead of the changes. That means continually updating your skills and seeking out all the freshest ideas, latest strategies and cutting-edge techniques you can get your hands on. That’s where this intensive, hands-on workshop comes in. In just two days, you’ll get the most up-to-the-minute information and exciting discoveries available on how to manage change, motivate, discipline, delegate, inspire, problem solve … all the critical skills you need to succeed as a supervisor.

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

    DAY 1
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    Session 1: Add leadership to your repertoire of skills +
    • Your leadership style: What’s good about it? What needs work?
    • Firsthand advice on becoming a role model everyone looks up to
    • How to give direction (not orders) so others jump into action
    • Moving from the details to the big picture—a leadership must
    • Serious about getting more done? It’s simple—delegate!
    • Boss vs. buddy: Which are you to employees?
    • What great leaders do to get people to follow
    • Use the power of assertiveness to open lines of communication and get things done
    Session 2: Wear all your supervisory hats successfully +
    • Avoid the 5 things that can derail even experienced supervisors
    • Telecommuting, job sharing, flextime: What the books WON’T tell you about managing today’s employees
    • How to communicate the benefits of technology—rather than dwell on the problems
    • Close the generation gap! How to get Boomers, Gen-Xers—everyone—to work together
    • Are you a leader still trapped in a boss’s mentality?
    • Becoming a diversity champion—here’s where it all begins
    Session 3: Positive ways to inspire, guide and lead +
    • Steps to conducting performance evaluations that improve behavior and morale
    • Know which buttons to push to get employees to give their ALL
    • Why supervisors often fail when giving criticism
    • What’s personality got to do with performance? Plenty!
    • The hidden reasons behind why employees do what they do—performance problems solved!
    • Ways bosses actually discourage employees from working harder
    • Discover what employees need and expect from you
    Session 4: Manage unwanted behaviors and attitudes +
    • Dealing appropriately with drugs, alcohol and other sticky personnel issues
    • 6 ways to get problem employees to change
    • Stop butting heads with employees who challenge you, know everything or dominate
    • Transforming “can’t do” attitudes to “can do”
    • Lighting a fire under the employee who’s nice—but lazy
    • The rules of managing people are changing—what you need to know and do now
    • Zap negativity … before it spreads out of control
    Session 5: Take command of the creative process +
    • Good-bye status quo: How to make new ideas part of every employee’s job description
    • Stuck on a stubborn problem? Innovative ways to find a quick solution
    • Does your work environment encourage—or squelch—innovation?
    • How to fit “dream space” into your employees’ workday
    • How to train your brain to think in new and profitable ways
    • Beyond the suggestion box—idea-generating tactics that work like magic
    DAY 2
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    Session 1: Communicate like a leader +
    • Business writing tips you can use now to make sure your memos and e-mail messages get your point across
    • Become aware of credibility-robbing speech habits—and eliminate them
    • Deliver bad news, say “No,” turn down requests—with tact
    • Develop radar that instantly detects when people misunderstand you
    • Listening “how-to’s” that make it easy to connect with others
    • Communication traits employees look for and admire in a leader
    • Ever get the feeling your feedback goes in one ear and out the other? Here’s the solution
    Session 2: Recruit, hire and develop great employees +
    • Money’s the secret to getting good employees to stay—WRONG!
    • Interviewing strategies for avoiding bad hires that cost time and money
    • Inside the exit interview: The real reasons why employees move on
    • The pros and cons of making counteroffers when employees resign
    • Recruiting and hiring the best—an expertise supervisors can and must develop
    Session 3: Coach employees through change and transition+
    • Positive ways to present change to employees—and relieve anxiety
    • Your best options when employees don’t see change the way you do
    • Poorly managed organizational change: Do you recognize the tell-tale clues?
    • Kid-glove techniques for helping employees see opportunity—not threat—in change
    • Put yourself in their shoes: 7 hard facts about how employees really feel about change
    Session 4: Essential supervisory tools to master now +
    • How to define and organize priorities and accomplish more than ever
    • What to do to detect—and stop—employees who are fooling around on the Web and with e-mail
    • Self-management habits the most successful supervisors practice daily
    • Maximizing the Internet … a supervisor’s best friend
    • Managing deadlines, time, projects and priorities: Why make it harder than it has to be?
    Session 5: Plan your professional future +
    • Smart tips for attracting the favorable attention from higher-ups that you deserve
    • What drives today’s most successful supervisors? The answers revealed
    • Questions to ask yourself to put your job … your career … your future into focus
    • Got the “blahs”? How to get—and stay—motivated on the road to supervisory success

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