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In Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, you'll learn...

  • How to gain respect from everyone you come into contact with
  • How to achieve consensus among your teammates and co-workers, faster and without misunderstandings
  • The keys to overcoming the causes of difficult behaviors in others
  • How to get the results that you want from others
  • How your emotions affect others … and how others’ emotions affect you
  • How EI can eliminate the headaches that come from miscommunication and misunderstandings

Researchers and business experts agree that people with high emotional intelligence (EI) are consistently the top performers in their organizations. They’re more resilient and flexible when things get tough, and they’re held in the highest regard by their bosses, peers, co-workers and others. In this powerful one-day seminar, you’ll learn why EI is far more than just a handy set of “people skills” and why many executives feel it’s the one skill you must have to be successful in today’s workplace!

It’s a day of training that will forever change the way you work!

Unless you work in a vacuum, you have to deal with people—all kinds of people. From the outrageous drama queens to the backstabbers and turf-guarders to the hardworking co-workers who’d love to help you out but just can’t find the time—you’re going to have to work with all of them at one point or another.

Using the EI skills you’ll learn during this seminar, you’ll gain the ability to more appropriately respond to the world around you and eliminate the stress and frustration that often comes from working with others.

Join us, and discover exactly what EI is … why it’s recognized as one of the hottest performance tools for thousands of success-minded people like you … and how you can easily increase your EI to stand out from the crowd. Register for this powerful communication seminar today and start reaping the rewards tomorrow!

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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    Session 1: The Rise of Emotional Intelligence and Its Importance in the Workplace+
    • Identifying and understanding the 4 main components of emotional intelligence (EI)
    • Why emotional intelligence is vital to succeeding in today’s workplace
    • The top 3 reasons you need EI to reach your full potential
    • How strengthening your emotional intelligence will have a lasting, positive effect on you … your team … your department … and your organization
    Session 2: Increasing Interpersonal Success Through Self-awareness+
    • Taking the first step: Measuring your own emotional intelligence
    • Tips for developing emotional intelligence
    • Exploring your emotions: Becoming familiar with your psychological and physical reactions
    • Analyzing various communication styles and recognizing your own
    Session 3: Self-management Skills That Will Keep You in Control+
    • Strategies to help you manage your emotions
    • How to stop your emotions from hijacking your ability to think in difficult situations
    • How to keep emotions from causing you to react without reason in the moment
    • Learning to maintain control of your emotions no matter how tense the situation
    • Self-regulation methods that will work every time—even when you think you’re going over the edge!
    Session 4: Building a “Sixth Sense” to See Problems Before They Happen+
    • Learn when your emotions can be your greatest asset—and when they’re your greatest liability
    • How to immediately and accurately read and identify other people’s emotions
    • Why certain emotions make people do what they do
    • Understanding the causes of each emotion and how you can turn them to your advantage
    • How to identify—and identify with—other people’s emotional states
    • Learn why having empathy for others is NOT a sign of weakness
    • Use empathy to understand different perspectives
    • What’s really being said? Essential active listening strategies
    • Listening to the unspoken: Body language and what it means
    • Recognizing trigger words, nonverbal cues and emotionally sensitive situations
    • Questions you can ask others to more quickly and easily reach consensus
    • Strategies for effectively interacting with communication styles different from your own
    Session 5: Using Emotional Intelligence to Create a Positive Work Environment for Continued Career Success+
    • Know how to use awareness of emotions to manage your relationships with colleagues
    • Using emotional intelligence to help create a powerful and positive work environment that allows everyone to succeed
    • How EI can be used to motivate and inspire
    • Use EI to be flexible and more easily adapt to change
    • Using EI to analyze problems from more than one perspective in order to find the best solution
    • Know how to use EI to influence and build consensus
    • Know how to manage emotions in decision making—when to consider your head and when to consider your heart
    • Use emotional intelligence to interact with your team and enhance group dynamics
    Session 6: Using Emotional Intelligence in Times of Conflict and Other Difficult Situations+
    • 5 ways to control your emotions when you feel like you’re on the verge of losing it
    • 8 foolproof stress-busters that will help you remain calm, cool and collected all the time
    • How to walk the tightrope between empathizing with someone’s emotional state and contributing to their problem
    • Knowing exactly what questions to ask to instantly get to the root of a messy situation
    • Tough and emotional situations that many people trip over when trying to work with others

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