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In Creative Leadership and Managing an Innovative Team, you'll learn...

  • Exploring creative thinking … and developing your role as a catalyst
  • How to set up the best work environment—one that’s innovation-friendly
  • Getting the great minds on your team to work well together to find solutions
  • Implementing new ideas, getting feedback and keeping creative momentum going
  • And much more!

Open the door to fresh problem solving and new ideas. Make your team and your organization more adaptable, more resilient, ready for tomorrow … and a step ahead of competitors.

Efficiency and quality have been the hallmarks of the business world for decades. But as that world speeds up, stretches boundaries and demands new solutions, you need a work environment that‘s ready—a place where innovation is encouraged and rewarded—where you and your team can adapt quickly to sudden change and grab opportunities.

A new kind of leader is taking center stage. And this unique workshop full of fresh, new ideas will broaden your thinking and build your ability to draw creativity from employees. It will teach you how to get workers to consider the possibilities … to invent new ways … to share information … to problem solve … to fearlessly innovate.

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    SkillPath Seminars offers the following course: Creative Leadership and Managing an Innovative Team

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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    Session 1: Mental Mobility Begins With You—the Boss+
    • What creative thinking really is and why it’s growing in importance
    • Understand the characteristics of creative thinkers—and assess your natural thinking style and how it affects your decisions
    • Learn to steer clear of traditional problem-solving techniques to identify the real problem
    • Use “creative flexibility” tools to help you adapt quickly to change
    • Discuss the role of responsible risk taking
    • Bad thinking habits that could be keeping you from finding the best, most creative solutions
    • Exercises to pump up your creative muscles and get ideas flowing
    • How approaching problems from a fresh perspective helps find fresh solutions
    • Transform your knowledge: Adapt what you already know to new situations
    Session 2: Create a Work Environment Where Innovation Thrives +
    • You are the catalyst—turning staffers into original thinkers … and thinkers into problem solvers
    • An eye-opening quiz to assess how positive your work environment is
    • Ignite passion by infusing every job with a sense of purpose and excitement
    • Shake up entrenched processes with a fresh “What if?” perspective
    • How to raise the bar—and inspire workers to meet higher expectations
    • How to communicate to build trust and welcome creativity
    • Help employees feel heard by facilitating the flow of information upward and downward
    • The keys to positively reinforcing “outside-the-box” thinking
    • End the BIG TWO idea killers: Bad attitudes and “can’t-do” thinking
    • How to give criticism that builds people up—a cornerstone of effective leadership
    Session 3: The Team—Get Individuals to Pull Together, Share Ideas and Find Solutions+
    • Establishing work groups that tap the unique talents and experience of each individual
    • The latest techniques to get ideas flowing on your team
    • Strategies used by some of the world’s most innovative companies to brainstorm and stay ahead of change
    • How to build loyalty between co-workers by encouraging trust and respect
    • Turn “your” into “our” to drive home a collective sense of responsibility
    • Managing work horizontally and other best practices that emphasize collaboration
    • Conflict: How to manage and embrace this natural outcome of a well-functioning team
    • Fun team activities to foster collaboration and creativity
    Session 4: Keep Creative Momentum Going and Greet Change Head-on+
    • How to move ideas from the drawing board to successful implementation
    • How to ask for and use feedback to fine-tune your options
    • How to pick yourself and your team back up after a mistake or failure
    • How best to intervene when teams stop working together
    • Tips for recognizing and relieving workers headed for burnout
    • Stress inhibits creativity: Learn how to turn it into creative tension
    • Overcome resistance to change … and sell your ideas
    • Sharing the spotlight with employees to encourage professional development
    • The right way to say “no” to an employee’s idea without shutting down future suggestions


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