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Very informative and very positive. Worth my time and money. – E. Ferreira
Workshop was wonderful! Today was the best training I’ve attended! – F. Milks
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I think this material is highly valuable. I appreciate all the resources. – T. Wasser
It was very empowering. I can’t wait to apply what I learned today. – W. Black
$179.00 per person
$134.00 for 4 or more

In One-day Advanced Training for Microsoft® Excel®, you'll learn...

  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts
  • How to personalize the look of your tables, charts and more to give your work added pizazz
  • Insider secrets to creating even more amazing macros that do the hard work for you
  • Techniques that make sharing workbooks much easier for everyone

Thanks to this exciting training opportunity, you can get up to speed fast on Excel’s most advanced features. Improve your efficiency and expand your capabilities in just one fun and eye-opening day! One-day Advanced Training for Microsoft® Excel® was developed for Excel users who are ready to put this amazing software to work for amazing results.

Your expert instructor will use our exclusive hands-off training approach that guarantees you’ll learn—and retain—a maximum amount of information in a minimum amount of time!

Excel, the longstanding powerhouse of spreadsheet software, is one of the most commonly used business applications on the planet. As an Excel user, you know that the software has nearly unlimited capabilities for making your job easier and less stressful. But learning the countless features available to you can be a daunting task. This workshop will teach you the most advanced features and functions Excel offers—taking your level of proficiency from mid-level to advanced. After one day of training you’ll be amazed at how this powerful program can work for you. 

This intensive day of training puts you in command of Excel’s most advanced features and functions. We strongly recommend that you be an experience or mid-level Excel user in order to get the most out of this incredible training.

    SkillPath Training Information

    SkillPath Seminars offers the following course: One%2Dday%20Advanced%20Training%20for%20Microsoft%26reg%3B%20Excel%26reg%3B

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    Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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    Session 1: Easy Editing Techniques+
    • Using the Advanced Filter and AutoFilter to display the information you need
    • Controlling multiple ranges with AutoFill
    • Extracting filtered ranges
    • Using multiple criteria for creating advanced filters, databases and list management
    • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts
    Session 2: Sharing Workbooks+
    • Setting up shared workbooks
    • View users sharing a workbook
    • Change the updated frequency
    • Merging shared files
    • Creating pull-down menus for shared workbooks
    Session 3: More Than Your Basic Macro+
    • Macro review: Running, stopping and pausing macros
    • Assign macros to buttons and objects
    • Starting Visual Basic® Editor (VBE)
    • Using VBE to create new macros and edit existing ones
    • Using variables in macros
    • Creating interactive macros
    • Debugging macros with the Step feature
    Session 4: Editing Steps for Macros+
    • Editing existing macros from the macros menu
    • Editing existing macros using Editor
    • Streamlining your access to VBA modules with Project Explorer
    • Where to find free Visual Basic code for macros
    Session 5: Formulas and Functions+
    • Building complex formulas quickly and easily
    • Using the Function Palette and cutting your work time in half
    • Using key logic functions IF, AND, OR and NOT to make data more usable
    • Creating conditional formulas
    • Using MATCH, INDEX, VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP in large worksheets
    • Manipulating text entries with Excel®’s extensive set of functions and formulas
    Session 6: Using Analytical Options+
    • Using Goal Seek and Solver
    • Working with the Analysis ToolPak
    • Working with scenarios to analyze data and equations
    • Working with view options
    Session 7: Advanced Charting, Tables, Databases and Lists+
    • Using auditing to create a visual map of your data
    • Creating custom charts for added interest and relevance to your reporting
    • Exploring database functions
    • Working with data forms
    • Creating data tables
    • How to create and manage PivotCharts and Tables
    Session 8: Special Section: Data Exchange, the Web and Excel +
    • How to do a quick Internet search for information—right from your Excel spreadsheet
    • Creating hyperlinks in your spreadsheet that will take users straight to a Web page
    • Importing and exporting text files and XML data
    • How to publish your Excel charts and data on the Web more quickly


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