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What do you think of when you hear “social media?” Watching funny YouTube videos? Connecting with friends and family on Facebook? Sure, social media is great for those things. It´s also the very lastest tool you need to have solidly in your marketing toolbox. Before you jump in with both feet though, like anything else in business, it´s a good idea to get the “why´s” and the “how-to´s” down first. From Twitter, to Facebook to YouTube and beyond, social media offers a world of opportunity for growing your business and connecting with your customers like never before. Social media success means mapping out a strategy, executing it, measuring the outcomes and utilizing the right tools. New technology can be intimidating, right? That´s true, but you´ll find our workshops full of solid “how-to´s” and valuable techniques that´ll not only get your social media marketing efforts off to a good start, they´ll ensure you have a thorough understanding of the next steps for pumping up your bottom line.

Social Media: Seminars
The Social Media Marketing Conference
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Social Media: Webinars
The Essentials of Facebook® Marketing
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Social Media: Resources
Learning Social Media Marketing/Learning Search Engine Optimization
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Getting Started With Social Media
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Marketing with Social Media
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How to Make Money with Social Media
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Social Media Marketing
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