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Personnel and human resources assistants, support staff and managers, as well as managers and supervisors having HR obligations within their organizations, fulfill an increasingly specialized role. The myriad responsibilities associated with hiring and firing, staying on top of evolving legal issues, preventing sexual harassment, understanding personnel law, proper record keeping, administering compensation and benefits, are just the tip of the iceberg of “must-know” topics. Keeping your employees happy and your organization out of legal trouble is paramount, and where trial-and-error, learn-as-you-go methods just don’t cut it. Get the latest, most up-to-date information on dealing with human resources issues--the right way--in our information-packed workshops.

Human Resources: Seminars
FMLA Compliance Update
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Human Resources: Resources
Ultimate Employer, 4th Edition
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FMLA: Administering Intermittent & Reduced-schedule Leave
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Essentials of OSHA Compliance
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HR Legal Partners
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Human Resources Skills Made Easy
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