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Providing good customer service requires a unique combination of skills. Like knowing how to calm an angry customer, turn an unsatisfied customer into one who buys from you again and again, ways to use language to soothe and to sell, make sure your tone and inflection makes customers respond in the right way and knowing how to tap into the little things that mean so much to your customer. While you’re taking care of customers, you’ve got to be good to yourself too! Daily interaction with customers means you always need to put your best foot forward. Learn to eliminate stress, keep a winning attitude, let criticisms roll off your back and more. You’ll soon have the keys to “loving” your high-demand customer service job.

Customer Service: Seminars
Customer Service Through the Customer’s Eyes
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Customer Service: Webinars
Becoming a Customer Service Superstar—Get Primed for the Climb!
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Customer Service: Resources
Creating Customer Satisfaction
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Dealing With Difficult People
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Customer Care Kit
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Learning to Listen
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Becoming a Customer Service Superstar
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