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When you put words on paper—whether for an e-marketing campaign, a letter to a potential customer, or a marketing piece advertising your products and services, you’re making a powerful statement about yourself and your organization. Are your writing projects getting the results you desire while presenting you, the writer, in the very best light? Is your writing crafted specifically to the medium you’re using and the market you’re targeting? If writing is your primary responsibility or a part of your daily routine, you’ll want to be sure your material is clear, concise and your message easily understood by your reader. Learn sure-fire methods for weeding out jargon, cliches and verbiage, hitting the bull’s-eye with your e-mail and marketing pieces, leading-edge copywriting techniques and how to apply them properly and so much more. With workshops based on the most current guidelines and up-to-date practices affecting e-marketing and business writing today, take this opportunity to reap the benefits of more polished, more professional, more powerful written communications than ever before.

Business Writing / Advertising: Seminars
Business Writing and Grammar Skills Made Easy and Fun!
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Business Writing Basics for Professionals
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How to Write Effective Policies and Procedures
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Business Writing / Advertising: Webinars
Business Writing Tips
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Business Writing / Advertising: Resources
Next Step … in becoming a polished and persuasive writer!
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Business Communication Style Guide
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Business Writing, Grammar & Usage Made Easy & Fun!
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High-Impact Communication
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Every Writer’s Quick Fix Kit
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