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Administrative professionals are expected to wear many hats--and rarely find the time to take care of themselves. If you’re a busy administrative assistant, receptionist or front desk person, you’ll find energizing solutions to your daily dilemmas right here. There are tips on becoming a master project manager, ways to organize yourself and your boss, strategies for dealing with difficult situations and difficult people (even when it’s the boss!), tune-ups for your verbal and written communication skills and most important, the “how-to’s” for gaining respect and credibility from those who count. Give your self-confidence and your career a boost today.

Administrative Support Training: Seminars
The Administrative Assistants Conference
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The Extraordinary Administrative Professional
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The Indispensable Assistant
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Administrative Support Training: Webinars
Managing the Front Desk
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Administrative Support Training: Resources
Next Becoming an Exceptional Assistant
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Business Communication Style Guide
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High-Impact Communication
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Dealing With Difficult People
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Life Skills Kit
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