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Great job. Information I can use at work and in everyday life. Thanks. – D. Wilder
Helpful information to use both in personal and professional situations. – J. Burow
Excellent resource for any new employee in the corporate world. – J. Hatala
I’ve never been as pleased with a seminar. Exceeded my expectations. – J. Steiner
It was very empowering. I can’t wait to apply what I learned today. – W. Black

Excel® Data Analysis: Functions and Formulas 04/28/2017
How to Work Effectively With People Who Act, Think & Work SO Differently From You 05/01/2017
Stress Management for Women 05/02/2017
How to Conduct Effective Interviews 05/03/2017
Developing a Professional Presence 05/04/2017
Dealing With Difficult Situations 05/05/2017
Managing Employees Who Are Stretched to the Max 05/08/2017
Fraud Detection & Prevention for Accounts Payable 05/09/2017
How to Effectively Handle Customer Complaints 05/10/2017
Microsoft® Outlook®: Advanced Features and Functions 05/11/2017
Mastering Microsoft® Excel® Macros 05/12/2017
Finance 101 for Non-financial Managers 05/15/2017
How to Effectively Support Multiple Bosses 05/16/2017
The Essentials of Collaborative Communication 05/17/2017
Productivity and Time Management for Leaders 05/18/2017
Writing With Diplomacy, Tact & Finesse 05/19/2017
How to Comply With OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standard 05/22/2017
Assertiveness Skills for Front Desk Professionals 05/23/2017
Dealing With Toxic Employees: Eliminating Bad Behavior 05/24/2017
The Essentials of Employee Onboarding 05/25/2017
Mastering Microsoft® Excel® PivotTables 05/30/2017
Communicating With Tact & Finesse 05/31/2017
Bill Capodagli Presents Customer Service “The Disney Way” 06/01/2017
Top 10 Management Survival Skills for First-time Supervisors 06/02/2017
How to Remain Cool and Collected in Challenging Conversations 06/05/2017
How to Navigate the Social Dynamics of Your Organization 06/06/2017
Payroll Taxes 101 06/07/2017
How to Handle Tricky Employee Absenteeism Problems 06/08/2017
Project Management Skills for the Accidental Project Manager 06/09/2017
Assertiveness Skills for Women 06/12/2017
Sales & Use Tax 06/13/2017
Implementing a Social Media Strategy 06/14/2017
How to Prevent Gender Bias and Sex Discrimination Claims 06/15/2017
Finance and Accounting for Administrative Professionals 06/16/2017
Making Your Business Writing Mistake-Free 06/19/2017
How to Effectively Communicate Employee Benefits 06/20/2017
Stress-free Relationships: How to Work With Any Personality 06/21/2017
The Essentials of Disaster Planning 06/22/2017
Employee Development Plans 101 06/23/2017
Building Memory Skills 06/26/2017
Organizing and Managing Data in Microsoft® Excel® 06/27/2017
Leveraging LinkedIn® for Recruiting 06/28/2017
Managing and Motivating the Most Challenging Employee Types 06/29/2017
Accounts Payable Compliance Best Practices 06/30/2017
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence 07/06/2017
IRS 1099 Compliance 07/10/2017
Handling Confrontational Customers 07/11/2017
Breaking Bad Communication Habits 07/13/2017
The Supervisor's Guide to Giving Directions, Feedback and Criticism 07/14/2017
Records Retention & Destruction for Human Resources 07/17/2017
How to Collect More Money! 07/18/2017
Outlook® Tips, Tricks & Techniques 07/19/2017
Managing Chaos & Pressure at Work 07/20/2017
Taking Control of Tough Performance and Attitude Problems 07/21/2017
Crucial Leadership Skills for Women 07/24/2017
Business Writing Tips 07/25/2017
Incident Reporting: What OSHA Reviews 07/26/2017
How to Use Microsoft® Excel® PivotTables to Easily Analyze Data 07/27/2017
Interviewing Tips: Weeding Out Bad Hires 07/28/2017
The Essentials of Facebook® Marketing 08/07/2017
The Keys to Delegating Effectively 08/09/2017
How to Create a Payroll Procedures Manual 08/10/2017
Bulletproof Documentation 08/11/2017
Maximizing the Use of Excel® Dashboards 08/14/2017
The Basics of Effective Project Management & Execution 08/15/2017
Mastering the Art of Coaching and Teambuilding 08/16/2017
Handling Personality Clashes in the Workplace 08/17/2017
Mental Illness & Depression Under the ADA 08/18/2017
Time Management Power Tips 08/21/2017
How to Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection 08/24/2017
Business Writing Essentials 08/25/2017
Beyond VLOOKUP in Excel® 08/28/2017
How to Effectively Supervise Off-site Employees 08/29/2017
Secrets of Clear Communication 08/30/2017
Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies in Today’s Workplace 08/31/2017
Managing the Front Desk 09/01/2017
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