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Stress Management for Women overview:

As a woman trying to excel in multiple roles at work and home, you know all about stress. You know too much can make you irritable … interfere with your work relationships … and undermine your productivity. You also know the same old stress management tips you’ve been hearing about for years don’t work. That’s why we developed a practical, new approach to managing stress—a one-hour audio conference that will bring new energy, balance and focus to your life.

How’s your stress-o-meter today? It will go down—way down—after you spend just one hour listening to this audio conference. That’s how fast and effective the strategies you’ll learn here are. Because your first line of defense is awareness, you’ll explore your body’s response to stress and identify the stress hot spots in your own life. You’ll also get new ideas for responding to special stressors—like perfectionism, low self-esteem and your drive to “overdo” it. And you’ll discover the mental tricks you need to short-circuit tension and pressure before they invade your life. Take the next step—one that moves you from stress to success. Enroll in this invaluable audio conference today.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:
  • The role your personality and attitude play in the way you react to stress
  • Understanding the link between anger and stress
  • Avoiding the high price of achievement—and the damaging effects of stress that come with “success”
  • It’s okay to be good enough: How to stop perfectionism from becoming pressure
  • How to cope with the situations in your life you simply can’t change
  • 5 mental tricks for managing the daily stressors in your life

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    SkillPath Seminars offers the following course: Stress Management for Women

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    Stress Management for Women
    March 11, 2015
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