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Untangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers’ Comp and ADA overview:

Nothing is more frustrating than having to translate legal code. Laws are intended to simplify your responsibilities—NOT cause you to reach for the aspirin bottle. And you know, lawsuits are prevalent in our society. A simple misunderstanding could end up costing you or your organization millions.

While each case is unique, Untangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers’ Comp and ADA will teach you how to handle any situation by demonstrating how the laws intersect and which takes priority when more than one law is involved. You’ll also discover how to protect yourself from the loss of quality employees, legal entanglements and fines. Most importantly, you’ll secure your job AND protect your company! Save yourself from another headache by attending this one-hour Webinar.

Every answer that you don’t know is a possible lawsuit. The question isn’t: Can you afford the Webinar? It’s: Can you afford to MISS it? Don’t waste another minute—enroll today!

The key learning points in this important HR update …
  • FMLA situations that are covered in the law
  • What your FMLA responsibilities are to the employee
  • Which disabilities are covered by ADA
  • What ADA measures are considered “reasonable accommodations”
  • Key points to remember about workers’ comp
  • Understanding your obligations when the “Big Three” intersect

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      Untangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers’ Comp and ADA
      March 14, 2017
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