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How to Deal With Difficult People overview:

Difficult people exist in every workplace. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. The truth is, you shouldn’t allow chronic complainers, bullies and other problem personalities to make your life difficult. Not only do they cause conflict, frustration and headaches. They can make you look like a doormat if you allow them to control and intimidate you. Take charge of this situation! This to-the-point audio conference will show you how.

Here’s one hour of quick-acting solutions you can use the very next time chronically difficult people try to pull something on you. You don’t need to go through life “holding your breath” whenever you fear a difficult encounter will occur. In just one hour, get crisp advice for how to understand what motivates difficult people, let go of your anger and quickly and completely turn even the worst situations around. Enroll in this audio conference and never again feel defenseless when faced with the frustrating, stressful and impossible behavior of others.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:
  • How to find out what the real—not the perceived—problem is
  • Proven approaches to pulling a 180 … and why sudden changes can lead to faster solutions
  • The Acorn Approach: Even the biggest solutions start from a seed
  • Seeing the “hidden” answers staring you right in the face
  • 9 short paths that lead to satisfying endings
  • Anger management: Handling yours, his and hers
  • Commonality tactics … and 7 common reasons that people underrate them
  • The magic Power of Praise in managing a difficult person

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    How to Deal With Difficult People
    June 18, 2015
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