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Everyone can become a better writer, and you’ll use these five tools every day to find the right words, guarantee correct grammar and edit with ease. These reader-friendly how-to resources practice what they preach, too, so you can call on them in an instant to answer your questions and solve your problems:
  • Power Write!—Learn how to put your ideas on paper in a way that moves your readers.

  • Grammar? No Problem!—Stop worrying about grammar taboos and use this fingertip guide to negotiate the complexities of the English language.

  • Write it Right!—Use your own natural writing voice and still maintain the professional tone expected in business writing.

  • Proof Positive—Get the tools, techniques, and tips professional proofreaders use to present a clear, coherent message every time.

  • Letters & Memos Just Like That!—Learn hundreds of helpful tips on just the things you need to know to put quality into everything you write.
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