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Take the next step in becoming an exceptional assistant. This package contains everything you'll need for achieving your best.


These 125 powerful scripts tell you exactly what to say to whom and when in life’s toughest situations. Whether you’re asking for a raise, confronting a backstabber, or asking your spouse to lose weight, Lifescripts gives you the most effective approach – and the actual words – to use.

Communicating With Poise & Power—audio
You’ve been communicating with others since the day you were born—you should be an expert by now. But experience may not always be the best teacher. It depends on the experiences you’ve had! That’s why it’s good to get the advice of experts.

Business Communication Style Guide—book
Don’t let those sticky, tricky problems of grammar, syntax, style and punctuation get you down. In virtually every case there’s a simple explanation and an easy-to-follow guideline that makes sense and makes your written communication work for you.

Discovering Your Purpose—book
Believing that the first steps toward finding your purpose must be taken along the road of self-examination, the author provides a series of introspective exercises in which you’ll take inventory of your pleasurable activities, past accomplishments, abilities and aptitudes, and values and principles.

Going for the Gold—book
The author cuts through the jargon and "financialese" to answer common questions, offer insights on smarter financial habits, and guide you in building a plan for financial stability and independence.

Organized for Success—book
Even taking brief, random glances at the "Taking Control Tips" throughout each chapter will give you the ammunition you need to begin reclaiming control of the chaos in your life. You’ll discover new ways to solve old problems and practical new advice.

Productivity Power—book
Here are 250 practical tips and tactics you can use to work and live more productively every day. And it doesn’t matter where you start. You can begin reading the book at any point because each of the points is complete in itself.

Stress Control—book
This practical, readable book begins by teaching you an important deep-breathing technique for reducing tension. Throughout the book, you’ll learn dozens of other interactive exercises designed to help you unstress and explore how stress affects your life, body and outlook. You’ll uncover stress-relief opportunities you never knew existed.

package; 7 books and 1 audio

PRICE: $299.60