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Take the next step in putting your new supervisory skills to full use. This package contains everything you'll need for achieving your best.


These 125 powerful scripts tell you exactly what to say to whom and when in life’s toughest situations. Whether you’re asking for a raise, confronting a backstabber, or asking your spouse to lose weight, Lifescripts gives you the most effective approach – and the actual words – to use.

Communicating With Poise & Power—audio
You’ve been communicating with others since the day you were born—you should be an expert by now. But experience may not always be the best teacher. It depends on the experiences you’ve had! That’s why it’s good to get the advice of experts.

The Leadership Challenge—book
The Leadership Challenge has become one of the most read and most widely referenced business books in the world because it reads easily, implements universally, and gets results quickly. Posner and Kouzes believe that leadership is a learnable set of practices, accessible to anyone. The SkillPath Enhanced Edition includes a CD-ROM with the Leadership Practices Inventory self-assessment, and a complete copy of "The Leadership Challenge Workbook."

Coping With Supervisory Nightmares—book
You’ll learn the 12 most common nightmares of leadership along with a unique five-point plan to solve each of the problems

Defeating Procrastination—book
Offers one tool a week that can make the difference between procrastination and progress, including work style assessments and skill-building exercises

Organized for Success—book
Full of "Taking Control Tips" throughout each chapter to give you the ammunition you need to reclaim control of the chaos in your life

Productivity Power—book
Every page is a treasure of brilliant nuggets—a rich idea lode for the serious self-improvement prospector. Begin reading the book at any point because each of the 250 points is complete in itself

Stress Control—book
Throughout this book, you’ll learn dozens of interactive exercises designed to help you unstress and explore how stress affects your life, body and outlook. You’ll uncover stress-relief opportunities you never knew existed

package; 7 books and 1 audio

PRICE: $279.60