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Take the next step in becoming a polished and persuasive writer. This package contains everything you'll need for achieving your best.


Power Write!—Book
Get beyond writer’s block into a whole new world of creative expression. Learn how to put your ideas on paper in a way that moves your readers.

Grammar? No Problem!—Book
Get all the answers to your grammar questions so you can concentrate on your message without worrying about credibility killers. Learn to write naturally and comfortably. Stop agonizing over grammar dos and taboos. You can explore the mechanics of English and then test your newfound skills in exercises.

Write it Right!—Book
Use your natural writing voice and still maintain the professional tone expected in business writing.

Letters & Memos Just Like That!—Book
Learn how to respond to a customer's complaint, win a co-worker's cooperation, or deliver bad news, and still make a great impression!

Proof Positive—Book
Nobody notices what proofreaders do, until they don't do it! Find errors before they embarrass you! Learn all the tips, tricks and techniques professional proofreaders have developed for all of us to use.

Business Communication Style Guide—Book
Don’t let those sticky, tricky problems of grammar, syntax, style and punctuation get you down. In virtually every case there’s a simple explanation and an easy-to-follow guideline that makes sense and makes your written communication work for you. Here’s where you will find what you need to master over 100 critical skills.

These 125 powerful scripts tell you exactly what to say to whom and when in life’s toughest situations. Whether you’re asking for a raise, confronting a backstabber, or asking your spouse to lose weight, Lifescripts gives you the most effective approach – and the actual words – to use.

Assertive Communication Skills—Audio
Honest communication takes courage. This DVD is a fresh take on solving communication problems, from overcoming your own specific obstacles to developing useful habits and scripts to ensure your messages are clear. In a stimulating 90-minute program, you’ll gain a lifetime of insight into why communication breaks down and doesn’t provide the desired reaction or results, and you’ll learn simple, solid steps that’ll spare you from interpersonal interactions that turn into emotional battlegrounds

Managing Your E-Mail—Book
E-mail is one of the most useful and efficient business communication tools – and also one of the most troublesome. Some researchers have claimed that office workers waste up to twenty hours each week just sorting and managing their e-mail messages, causing more productivity loss than gain. This book is a straightforward guide dedicated to helping people and organizations tame the monster and take back their time.

package; 8 books and 1 CD

PRICE: $315.55