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Take the next step in communicating with confidence. This package contains everything you'll need for achieving your best.


These 125 powerful scripts tell you exactly what to say to whom and when in life’s toughest situations. Whether you’re asking for a raise, confronting a backstabber, or asking your spouse to lose weight, Lifescripts gives you the most effective approach – and the actual words – to use.

Communicating With Poise & Power—audio
You’ve been communicating with others since the day you were born—you should be an expert by now. But experience may not always be the best teacher. It depends on the experiences you’ve had! That’s why it’s good to get the advice of experts.

Assert Yourself—book
Develop power-packed communication skills and make your points clearly, confidently, and persuasively

Exploring Personality Styles—book
Learn how things such as different cultural backgrounds and heritage affect the way we communicate, handle deadlines, express our emotions, bargain and solve problems

Learning to Laugh at Work—book
More and more people are recognizing that humor can be one of your most effective management tools

Putting Anger to Work for You—book
Understand what anger is and does, and how you can make anger a positive part of your emotional-response system

Saying "No" to Negativity—book
Your outlook on life has a considerable influence on how you respond to situations, people, and events— and on how others perceive and respond to you.

12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem—audio
In her dynamic presentation, Linda Larsen brings new awareness of the inner obstacles you may have allowed to get in the way of your success or happiness. She then gives you the tools and tactics you need to positively change the ways you see yourself, present yourself and allow others to treat you. When you’ve finished this program, you’ll have a set of goals and directions to use throughout your life as support and reinforcement to be happier, healthier, more prosperous and fulfilled.

Dealing With Different, Diverse (& Difficult) People—audio
What’s the matter with people anyway? Just why do they seem so difficult to get along with? In this insightful program, professional coach, consultant and trainer Barbara Braunstein shows you that most people are really just more diverse than they are difficult. She identifies all the different people you work with, and live with, and then shows you exactly how to motivate and get results with them, even the truly difficult ones.

package; 6 books and 3 audios

PRICE: $404.55