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This exceptional learning tool will be used over and over by everyone in the family. No other speed reading program matches the benefits of The Reader’s Edge:

Age Levels 5 to Adult

A wide range of reading selection choices makes the program suitable for all ages. The Reader's Edge is not designed to teach "how to read." Rather it teaches "Read to Learn Skills."

10 Speed Reading Exercises

The Reader's Edge® program includes ten exercises that guide you sequentially through the process of becoming an effective reader.

Unlimited Users

The Reader's Edge® creates a separate account for each user added to the program, allowing each to personalize the program and track their individual progress. The built-in Exercise Coach can provide feedback and guided instruction based on each user’s progress.

Install On Two Computers

The Pro version allows the program to be installed on any two computers of your choice. After installing The Reader's Edge® program users are required to activate it within 7 days.

Windows® Compatible: 98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP & Vista

The Reader's Edge® program is available for Windows® based operating systems. Please note—the program is NOT Macintosh compatible.

Speed & Comprehension Tests

Speed & Comprehension Tests help you measure your progress to give you an idea of how fast you are reading.

Practice with Microsoft's Text-to-Speech

Microsoft's Text-to-Speech technology helps anyone who may have excellent speaking vocabularies, but who have the problem of "I don’t know what the word looks like" to improve their reading vocabulary. Readers become familiar with the oral pronunciation of words while seeing them displayed on the computer screen. Users can type words in a Text-to-Speech exercise and have it read back to them.

Set Content Preference

Some of the available content preferences include; Biographies, Business, Children's Reading Level 2-4, Children's Reading Level 5-6, Personal Development, Tom Hopkins’ Edition and Young Adult Reading Level 7-12.

Readers with Dyslexia

Exercises can display text in single word, multiple word and sentence-only structure. Type font and size can be adjusted to focus on individual words or phrases and remove distractions. The program recognizes Microsoft® Windows accessibility settings.

Change/Edit Vocabulary Lists

Add, change and edit the word and phrase lists used in the exercises as desired when you need to become more familiar with "less common" words. We provide you with a list of the 1,600 most common words in the English language.

Personalized Program Settings

Users can personalize program settings and make the learning process more enjoyable.

Assessment & Progress Reports

Users can generate assessment and progress reports, making it easy to see the changes in your reading skills. You can view and print reports for your records.

Free Updates for Life

All users will receive web updates free of charge for life. Updates on CDs also are available at a nominal charge.

Built-In Exercise Coach

When enabled, the Exercise Coach monitors your progress and provides specific instructions and suggestions to ensure you're getting the most out of the program.

Grade Level Readability Analysis

We analyze reading material using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. This helps you determine if a particular reading selection is within their reading level.

Import Content from PC or Local Network

Import Wizard helps you locate and import any of these file types into the program: htm, html, rtf, txt and pdf.

Multiple Users

Program administrators can manage user accounts with Administrative Utilities.

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If, after a minimum of 15 minutes of practice every other day for thirty days, you don't double your reading speed, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Rate Reading Selections

Users can rate reading selections and comprehension tests, so all users can benefit from the opinion of everyone.

Import Content from Clipboard

The Reader's Edge® makes it easy to practice your reading skills with all types of text. With our Clipboard Text feature, you can read email, web pages, documents or any type of text by simply highlighting and copying the text into the program.

Reading Selection Bookmarks

Generate assessment and progress reports to see the changes in your reading skills. After generating reports, you have the ability to view and print reports for your records.

Import PDF Files

Import PDF files into the exercises and make it easy to read and practice with company documents or training material provided in PDF format.

Online Access to Reading Selections

This feature makes it easy for users to find, import and read additional reading selections of interest to them.

Online Access to Comprehension Tests

Users can find additional comprehension tests to import and practice with.

Guaranteed Upgrades, New Features & Exercises

Users get free updates for life plus every new feature and exercise we release.

News Feeds; RSS (Really Simply Syndication)

This unique feature provides users with an extensive variety of up-to-date reading material available from various news sources. RSS is a technology that allows publishers to distribute material across the web.

† Feature requires Internet access.
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