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Discover an engaging, more efficient way of getting trained. Our fully interactive tutorials immerse users in a media-rich learning experience that features voice- and text-based instruction. Learn at your own pace in your home, office or classroom anytime.

Each module is approximately three hours long and is divided into three lessons. And because the tutorials are fully interactive, users will be asked to perform actions throughout each lesson to reinforce the learning. An extensive help system provides multiple levels of feedback and ensures that users can never become lost or stuck. Comprehensive lesson tests enable users to quickly gauge retention levels and review topics related to missed questions.

With over 50 hours of training, Discover Microsoft® Office 2010 is the all-in-one interactive productivity tool that’s a must-have.

Access® 2010 is a fast and simple database solution that empowers you to make the most of your information and amplifies the power of your data. The training suite consists of three self-paced tutorials that teach you how to use Access 2010 to quickly build databases and create more impactful forms and reports.

Excel® 2010 makes it possible to analyze, manage and share information in more ways than ever before, helping you make better, smarter decisions. This training suite consists of five self-paced tutorials that will help you quickly achieve proficiency in Excel 2010.

Word 2010 offers enhanced features to create professional-quality documents, easier ways to work together with people and almost-anywhere access to your files. This module consists of five self-paced tutorials that will teach you how to create visually compelling documents more easily than ever.

PowerPoint® 2010 gives you more ways to create and share dynamic presentations with your audience than ever before. The training suite consists of three self-paced tutorials that teach you how to use PowerPoint 2010 to create extraordinary presentations.

Outlook® 2010 offers premium business and personal e-mail management tools that enable you to stay productive and in-touch with your personal and business networks. The Outlook 2010 tutorial consists of three self-paced lessons. Gain hands-on experience with Outlook 2010 in an engaging simulated environment and discover how to manage e-mail, connect with people and access vital information from practically anywhere.

Minimum system requirements: 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher; Windows® XP (SP2) Windows Vista®, Windows Server 2003 (SP2) or Windows 7; Internet Explorer® 7.0+; Adobe® Flash® Player 8.0+ plug-in; RAM—according to operating system requirements; keyboard and mouse or other compatible pointing device; Super VGA (1024x768) or higher resolution monitor with 256 colors; DVD-ROM drive; sound card and speakers or headphones.
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