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Implement a successful social media strategy with Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day! Turn customer conversations about your brand, product or company into a competitive advantage with this practical guide from social media marketing expert Dave Evans. You’ll discover the sweet spot of social media marketing, ways to pitch a campaign inside your company, the most effective measurement tools and much more.

Learn how to leverage Twitter™ for your business with Twitter™ Marketing: An Hour a Day! Leading social media expert Hollis Thomases shows you how to craft Twitter™ marketing strategies that can be scaled to any organization or market. Get to know your potential customers, start using contests and other promotions to engage followers, learn how to analyze your results, and find out more in this jam-packed guide!

Craft video marketing strategies that deliver with YouTube™ and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day! Internet video expert Greg Jarboe helps you develop and deploy a comprehensive video strategy that works. You’ll learn how to create and fine-tune your YouTube™ channel, how to choose keywords and optimize your video for search visibility, and how to create compelling videos that viewers want to share.

Reach Facebook®’s 500 million users with Facebook® Marketing: An Hour a Day! Plan and launch a successful Facebook® marketing campaign by learning how to leverage everything Facebook® has to offer, including great tools to help you measure and analyze to find out what’s working. Get the very most out of fan pages, Facebook® Connect, Facebook®’s advertising platform and more.Inside this collection of best-sellers, you’ll find:
  • How to develop, implement and measure successful strategies and campaigns
  • Proven techniques and tactics for the top social media channels: Facebook®, Twitter™ and YouTube™
  • A smart, accessible, task-based approach that’s perfect for busy people
  • Compelling, real-world case studies and field-tested guidance from experts
book; 4 Books
ISBN: 978-0-470-94859-0

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