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The Disney Way Series provides comprehensive customer service training and management strategies from Disney expert and best-selling author Bill Capodagli, who has made a career of analyzing the incredible business phenomenon that is Disney. With this five-part program, companies large and small can bring greater vision and innovation to their business operations and achieve success beyond their highest expectations. Bill shows you how to employ the same leadership, creativity and customer service secrets that Disney uses to tackle your most daunting business challenges.

The Disney Way Series includes five contemporary, fun and informative modules to watch individually or as a group and assessments to test your grasp of the material–all on one convenient USB flash drive.

Modules Include:
  • Innovate the Pixar Way: Innovation–it’s the secret behind successful companies
  • The Disney Way: Harness Disney’s management secrets in your company
  • Customer Service–The Disney Way: Create magical moments that win and keep customers for life
  • Creativity–The Disney Way: Ignite fresh ideas and innovation throughout your organization
  • Leadership–The Disney Way: Bring the management, creativity and customer service secrets to your company

One USB flash drive with assessments in PDF format.
usb; 1 USB Flash Drive
ISBN: 728618282006

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