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This unconventional style guide doesn’t try to cover everything you could possibly know; instead, it covers everything you need to know to write more effectively. You get clear, simple usage guidelines explained with common sense and a healthy dose of humor. All the basics of punctuation, grammar and style are here, of course, but there are also some welcome surprises. You’ll love the full-color graphics and illustrations, you’ll discover how easy it is to fix the 10 most embarrassing grammar errors and you’ll be relieved to learn the rules that are now okay to forget about!

Each section starts with an introduction, followed by a list of applicable rules, then complete explanations and examples of each of the rules. Organized alphabetically and indexed for easy reference, it’s simple to follow and even easier to understand.

Bonus Features of This Style Guide:
  • The unique Graphics, Prepress and Printing section has everything you need to know to make your printed publication better than you ever thought it could be. It even includes a step-by-step guide to preparing a file for prepress.
  • The tips and advice in the Career Success section help you navigate all the workplace trouble spots that could unexpectedly drag down your career. When you think you're unstoppable, don't get caught unprepared!
  • The entire book is included on a fully searchable CD-ROM. Keep it all on your desktop and never again be without the expert help and advice you need!
book; 378 pages
ISBN: 978-1-608114-74-0

PRICE: $59.95