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Are you frantically rushing from one task to another, feeling overwhelmed and stressed with what’s due tomorrow and still not finished today? Get time on your side—learn how to be clear on your priorities and become well organized in your work and life.

Program Guide

CD 1 – Putting Your Personality to Work for You! (Run Time: 1:07:23)
CD 2 – Handling Competing Priorities Like a Pro (Run Time: 1:07:36)
CD 3 – Getting Organized—So You Can Get Down to Business (Run Time: 1:08:58)
CD 4 – Effective Planning for Projects and Processes (Run Time: 51:55)
CD 5 – Managing People (Even the Boss) for Greater Results (Run Time: 34:23)
CD 6 – Taking Control of Stress in Your Life (Run Time: 30:33)

Dawn Jones has had an exemplary career as a high-powered professional international speaker, corporate trainer and leader. After more than 19 years spent climbing the corporate ladder, she knows the secrets to success inside out. As a professional business owner and trainer, Dawn addresses eager audiences on the essentials of communicating for results, dealing effectively with negative attitudes and difficult people and unlocking your path to success. Her fast-paced delivery, sprinkled with impactful stories and anecdotes, makes her one of the most stimulating and sought-after trainers in her specialty areas.

Contains six CDs with the printable program journal on a CD-ROM.
audio; 6 Audio CD’s and 1 Data CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781608113170

PRICE: $89.95