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Each module comes with an extensive Course Outline that can be printed and followed as you listen to Adrian describe and discuss his practical, how-to concepts. Then, follow up with the Performance Action Plans, so that you completely understand how to apply the principles he reveals. All of these documents are provided in Microsoft® Word documents on a separate CD-ROM.

Program Guide

Module 1 – Basic Supervision Overview (Run Time: 51:01)
Module 2 – How to Conduct Effective Coaching Sessions (Run Time: 65:09)
Module 3 – How to Conduct Positive Disciplinary Sessions (Run Time: 73:25)
Module 4 – Motivating Employees and How to Make it Last (Run Time: 73:10)
Module 5 – How to Get Employees to Take the Initiative and Produce Results (Run Time: 51:01)
Module 6 – How to Conduct Performance Evaluations that Motivate Not Intimidate(Run Time: 73:10)
audio; 6 CD,CDROM
ISBN: 1-929874-79-0

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