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The important human skill of listening and being listened to:

  • Strengthens relationships by cementing our connection with one another
  • Fortifies our own sense of well being
  • Makes the difference between feeling accepted or feeling isolated

  • Before beginning to listen to the program, be sure to print the Study Guide. You’ll then be ready to follow Brian’s directions and take the "Listening Skills Assessment" to gain a preliminary insight into your own listening behaviors.

    Program Guide...

    Disc 1 - Understanding Listening Styles and Types
    Disc 2 - Tune In, Not Out
    Disc 3 - Listening in the Workplace
    Disc 4 - Listen and Lead at Home
    Disc 5 - Raise Your Listening Level
    Disc 6 - Making the Most of Listening
    audio; 6 audio CDS; 1 CD-ROM
    ISBN: 978-1-929874-78-1

    PRICE: $89.95