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Unfortunately, the ways most of us deal with potentially damaging emotions like fear, anger, worry frustration and guilt can cause more harm than good. The key is emotional self-control. It’s not an inborn talent … it isn’t reserved for the lucky few … and (the best part) it CAN be mastered in a matter of hours.

Managing Your Emotions will show you a proven step-by-step system and give you a set of tools, techniques and strategies that will put you in charge of those self-defeating emotions that are holding you back.

Program Guide
CD 1 – Emotions – Where They Come From and How They Affect Us (Run Time: 38:03)
CD 2 – Self-defeating Behaviors, Habits and Emotions That Inhibit Our Success (Run Time: 49:24)
CD 3 – Dealing With Conflict, Anger and Other Strong Emotions (Run Time: 49:01)
CD 4 – Staying Positive, Being Proactive and Dealing With Change (Run Time: 47:38)
CD 5 – Managing Your Emotions – Eight Steps to a More Positive and Assertive "New" You (Run Time: 38:35)
audio; Five CDs
ISBN: 9781608112814

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