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Have you ever stared at a computer screen desperately trying to think of something to say, and the computer screen stared back at you, daring you to think of something—anything? Have you ever pushed the send button on an e-mail only to remember one more thing you needed to say? Have you ever spent hours making sure a document was perfect, only to find a typo or misspelled word after it had been printed—and sent to a client? You’re not alone.

Problems with writer’s block, organization, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure and capitalization can all rob your writing of professionalism and credibility. Business Writing, Grammar & Usage Made Easy & Fun! will show you the quick and easy way to produce professional business documents.

Program Guide

CD 1 – Squeezing Ideas Out of Your Head and Onto the Screen (Run Time: 52:44)
CD 2 – Creating and Organizing Sentences, Paragraphs and Documents (Run Time: 42:46)
CD 3 – Making it Right (Run Time: 67:51)
CD 4 – Making it Sound Good (Run Time: 53:52)
CD 5 – Choosing the Correct Format (Run Time: 51:21)

CD-ROM – Business Writing Cheat Sheets in PDF format
audio; Five CDs; one CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781608112302

PRICE: $89.95