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The Family and Medical Leave Act can be difficult to administer. Employee situations can vary greatly, FMLA laws change frequently and it’s easy to misconstrue the rules of intermittent and reduced-schedule leave. This audio CD gives you important answers to questions like these:
  • Which days or hours to use for intermittent and reduced-schedule leave—and how to handle many of the questions that arise
  • Steps to take to ensure your intermittent leave record keeping is up to Department of Labor auditing standards
  • When you may have to extend FMLA beyond the 12 weeks
  • How to minimize FMLA scheduling problems with clear communication between employees and management
  • Conditions you must meet before transferring an employee using intermittent leave
Contains one audio CD with workbook PDF
audio; 1 CD
ISBN: 978-1-60811-404-7

PRICE: $39.95