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What if an OSHA inspector showed up at your door today—without any warning? Would you think "No big deal" and be confident your company is fully OSHA-compliant? Or would you be wishing you had taken those extra steps to get your workplace in inspection-ready order—just in case?

You’ve got to have the OSHA basics under your belt to be able to ensure your employees’ safety and protect your organization from legal hassles. This presentation covers the need-to-know essentials—in just 60 minutes.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:
  • A concise introduction to OSHA standards and regulations…who’s affected…and how to know which to apply in your workplace
  • Basic systems every OSHA-compliant organization has firmly in place
  • How to fulfill your critical OSHA-related responsibilities as an employer
  • 6 keys to OSHA-compliant record keeping
  • Using OSHA’s Program Evaluation Profile to assess your level of compliance
Contains one audio CD with workbook PDF
audio; 1 CD
ISBN: 978-1-60811-350-7

PRICE: $249.00