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You already have the knowledge and skills to perform in your area of expertise. That’s probably what got you promoted in the first place. But being a manager or supervisor demands a new type of skill. You’re in charge of coordinating people and tasks—your continued success depends directly on your ability to get things done through others.

This HD-quality program brings the critical leadership skills and engaging presentation of one of SkillPath’s most requested public seminars to your desktop. It’s like having a personal one-on-one session with our nationally recognized management expert as she teaches you how to gain the commitment and cooperation of workers, communicate with your boss and other executives, conduct a fair and constructive performance evaluation—and so much more!

This intensive training focuses on the unique challenges you face every day in your job and offers solutions to help you fully achieve your potential as a true leader who commands respect, commitment and credibility.

Program Guide:
  • Module 1: Making the Leap From Worker to Supervisor
  • Module 2: Why Leadership Is an Essential Ingredient of Management
  • Module 3: Indispensable Everyday Management Skills
  • Module 4: Make Things Happen—Boosting Worker Productivity, Enthusiasm and Commitment
  • Module 5: How to Manage Projects and Priorities
  • Module 6: Communication Skills That Make the Difference
  • Module 7: Correct Problem Behavior and Poor Performance
  • Module 8: Control Conflict in the Workplace
  • Module 9: Supervisor, Manage Thyself

One DVD-ROM including workbook and assessment in PDF format.
dvd-rom; 1 DVD-ROM
ISBN: 9781608116928

PRICE: $99.00