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It’s a fact of business life. Every day we’re judged by our ability to manage projects, priorities and deadlines. Your organization’s success (and your own career success) depends, to a great degree, upon getting the right things done—on time and with the desired results.

This HD-quality program brings the critical skills and engaging presentation of one of SkillPath’s most requested public seminars to your desktop. It’s like having a personal one-on-one session with our nationally recognized time management expert as she teaches you how to reap the benefits of better planning, how to get organized and stay that way, how to make sure your real “top priorities” don’t get lost in the shuffle—and so much more!

Make sure no critical deadlines ever slip by again—build your deadline “safety net” with the valuable insights and new skills this powerful video has to offer.

Program Guide:
  • Module 1: Identify Your Challenges to Gain Control of Your Workday
  • Module 2: Plan and Prepare to Handle Competing Priorities
  • Module 3: Getting Organized—So You Can Get Down to Business
  • Module 4: Project Planning: An Automatic Way to Increase Your Productivity
  • Module 5: Managing Yourself, People (and Even the Boss!)
  • Module 6: Don’t Let Stress Control You

One DVD-ROM including workbook and assessment in PDF format.
dvd-rom; 1 DVD-ROM
ISBN: 9781608116911

PRICE: $149.00