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High-Impact Communication

by Lauren Schieffer
ISBN: 9781608112838

PRICE: $99.95

In this age of technology, the tools business professionals use to communicate are changing quickly and dramatically. But one thing hasn’t changed: The need to get your message across succinctly, purposefully and with focus. In this 60-minute DVD video, you’ll learn the secrets of high-impact written and spoken communication and how to apply them every day to achieve your goals, influence others and get results.

You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid errors and oversights that cause confusion
  • The essentials of clear and concise speaking and writing
  • How to correctly use commonly misused words and phrases
  • Embarrassing abuses of language you should be aware of and avoid
  • Creative ways to express yourself and gain attention and acceptance
  • Keys to writing just like you were talking to someone

Discover dozens of tips, strategies and techniques for producing high-impact communication in every situation, every day—one hour is all you need.

Program Guide:

Part 1: Be Clear
Part 2: Be Concise
Part 3: Be Correct
Part 4: Be Creative
Part 5: Be Conversational

One 60-minute DVD-ROM containing viewer’s guide and assessment in PDF format.