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In this on-target video program, you’ll encounter people who are very much like those you work with every day—some are very good at interpersonal office communication; others aren’t at all. Along the way, you’ll learn what it takes to be an ELECTRIC communicator.
  • Energy to pay attention and notice people
  • Listening Skills
  • Enthusiasm for people’s answers and conversations
  • Confidence that people want to talk with them
  • Talking topics that draw people into the conversation
  • Reaching out abilities and a willingness to include everyone
  • Interest in observing surroundings and asking questions based on what they see
  • Connections that are meaningful
This program is full of easy-to-apply tips and tactics, illustrated by real-life scenarios, including:
  • Five reasons why people have trouble being heard
  • Six keys to effective listening
  • Eight keys to responsible assertiveness
  • Six keys to body language
Use the enclosed Viewer’s Guide to follow the action and build your communication skills.
dvd; 1 DVD
ISBN: 978-1608110025

PRICE: $99.95