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Do you feel challenged by the demands on you as a manager? Do you feel frustrated by the strange and confusing behavior of the people you lead? If you feel challenged or frustrated by the difficulties of getting people to work together harmoniously and effectively, then you need to meet:
  • Focuser Fran
  • Relater Bob
  • Integrator Isabelle
  • Operator Oscar
Each of these fictional characters represents one of the four most common management styles. Based on the work of Michael Dobson in his book Exploring Personality Styles, this program illustrates both the positive and the negative aspects of each style when it interacts with the others.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned manager, these kinds of challenges and frustrations are normal! With on-point strategies, proven tools and time-tested techniques, Roben Graziadei will build your management confidence.

Use the enclosed Viewer’s Guide to follow the action and build your management skills.
dvd; 1 DVD
ISBN: 978-1608110001

PRICE: $99.95