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Do you know any of these people? Do you have to work with them, supervise them – or maybe even baby-sit them at work?
  • Amy Attitude
  • Blameless Bob
  • Clock-watcher Carl
  • Helpless Harriet
  • Sandra the Stressed
  • Walter the Whiner
Don Crawley is a veteran manager and long-time professional trainer who has studied workplace roles and relationships from every angle. Over the years, he developed a set of memorable tools that worked for him, and that will work for you.

This engaging video program is full of easy-to-apply tips and tactics, illustrated by real-life scenarios, to help you learn to use the:
  • ABCDEFs of communicating with difficult people.
  • SAILS approach for working with negative people
  • Coaching SLATE
  • CPR steps on blamers
  • 3R approach to re-engagement
  • STIR method for high self-esteem
  • 8S’s to encourage independence
Use the enclosed Viewer’s Guide to follow the action and you’ll have a set of supervisory tools you can use for a lifetime.
dvd; 1 DVD
ISBN: 978-19345895-5-7

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