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Do you often feel a little overwhelmed in your role as manager or supervisor? Do you feel that others have unreasonable expectations of you now that you’re "part of management"? While that’s not necessarily fair, it’s usually a fact.

This unique video program is designed to build your skills in six major facets of supervision. Through explanation and example, you’ll learn that you can easily master these skills and that they will become the biggest contributors to your personal effectiveness:

1. Use your strengths
2. Grow your people
3. Set good goals
4. Tackle problems quickly
5. Resolve conflicts
6. Reward for results

Janet Kirch came up through the supervisory and management ranks the old-fashioned way, and uses that practical experience to help you shorten your learning curve. Janet’s formula works and the workplace vignettes that illustrate her points are prime examples of how you can help people solve their own problems.

Includes a printed Viewer’s Guide you can use to follow the video and take notes.
dvd; 1 DVD
ISBN: 978-1-9345895-4-0

PRICE: $99.95