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Microsoft Office 2013 Essentials Bundle

by Philip Wiest

PRICE: $249.95

Get the new 2013 Essentials video training for Microsoft® Office and discover the true meaning of “office guru” …. Just when you thought Office couldn´t top itself … The latest updates to this versatile and popular Office suite—Excel®, Word, Access®, Outlook® and PowerPoint®—will have you cranking out projects and organizing your documents in a fraction of the time, with more power, polish and pizzazz than ever before. Whether you’re looking for more usability to get the most out of your favorite tried-and-true features or you’re ready to amp up your power-user status with clever new tools and advanced features, Office 2013 has made improvements and additions that do the trick.

And we give it all to you in one convenient bundle

Presented by a proven Office pro … formatted in HD-quality video … with interactive DVD features that allow you to learn at your own pace. The skills you’ll pick up from this special five-DVD package will make you the “go-to” Office pro when projects are needed fast or questions pop up from team members or co-workers (or even your boss). Order today and take your expertise—and your rewards—to new heights!

Products in this bundle

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Microsoft® Excel® 2013: Essentials+

Excel users have been crying out for a new, more functional features that will eliminate workarounds and give new solutions to old problems. Excel 2013 has the answers—and this special DVD pulls back the curtain on what makes this new version so special, shows you what’s new and explains how the revamped tool options can simplify your workload by improving your number crunching and upgrading your data presentation.

Microsoft® Access® 2013: Essentials+

Starting out with the “databasics,” this new DVD training tool breaks down the differences between Access and Excel, demonstrates the most important new features in this latest version and provides a step-by-step tutorial on the critical elements you need to know to master Access 2013. Take your data management to the next level!

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2013: Essentials+

From the minute you open PowerPoint 2013, you can see it’s different. New look, new features—and new toys! From new slide-building options, to the secrets of seamless editing during your presentation, to no-cost on-line delivery, this new DVD delivers the goods.

Microsoft® Word 2013: Essentials+

Word has gone through such a major makeover with its 2013 version, you need this new DVD as a tour guide. And once you learn the new tools, you won’t be able to wait to use them to streamline your workload and power-up your documents. Tracking changes, time-saving formatting, embedding videos, adding richer comments, using reading mode and so much more—your word documents are in for a heavy-duty upgrade.

Microsoft® Outlook 2013: Essentials+

What´s new in Outlook? Better navigation, advanced screen integration, new tools—plus improvements to all your favorite features. This must-see DVD takes you backstage to show what 2013 has in store for you, including exciting new tools for linking to social media sites like Facebook®, peeking inside your mailbox while you´re in your Calendar, replying straight from the Preview window and many more advancements. It’s e-mail management to the max.

Specifications …

Format: DVD-ROM
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Contains: 5 DVD-ROMs
Run Time: 7.3 Hours
Project Files: Included