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Whether you manage projects as part of a team or the buck stops with you, this DVD training puts you in control of your projects, large or small. Over three hours of training teaches you to manage resources, people and tasks easily and efficiently.

Course Topics:
1) Introduction
2) How to Recognize the Potential
3) How to Navigate in Microsoft Project
4) The Three Components of Microsoft Project
5) The Seven Essential Steps to Planning a Project
6) How Calendars Work in Microsoft Project
7) How to Work With Tasks in Microsoft Project
8) How to Manage Task Relationships
9) Understanding the Critical Path
10) Understanding Ways to View Your Tasks
11) Understanding Task Scheduling Modes
12) How to Combine Subprojects Together
13) How Microsoft Project Handles Work and Duration
14) How to Schedule People With Team Planner View
15) How to Manage Overallocated Resources
16) How to Share Resources Between Projects
17) How to Keep Your Project Plan Updated
18) Late Tasks and the Project Status Date
19) How to Update a Project Using a Timesheet
20) How to Publish Reports With Microsoft Project
21) How to Export Data From Microsoft Project
22) How to Supercharge Your Reports With Custom Fields

Contains 22 Shockwave® Flash® files on one DVD-ROM. Play with Windows Media® Player, Media Player Classic, Flash or Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.
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ISBN: 9781608114559

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