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by Jim Randolf
Stay on top of the latest FMLA regulation changes and make sure your decisions are correct and compliant. Read more...
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by Bob Byers
What every business must know now to meet new and existing OSHA regulations and avoid inspection, fines and trouble.

What if an OSHA inspector showed up at your door today—without any warning? Would you think "No big deal" and be confident your company is fully OSHA-compliant? Or would you be wishing you had taken those extra steps to get your workplace in inspection-ready order—just in case? Read more...
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by Various

If you’re an employer, a manager or a supervisor, you have to deal everyday with employee performance issues, discipline problems and legal questions. What can you do? When? How? These three books by the common-sense legal publishers, Nolo, give you all the practical information you need to keep tough workplace issues at bay—and help you sleep at night. Read more...
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by Crisp Learning
These five Crisp "50-Minute" books are for every manager, supervisor and HR specialist who needs to know how to effectively recruit, interview, orient, and retain good employees. Read more...
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by Margie Mader-Clark
Every job has a description – and if you craft it carefully, you can use a job description for hiring, new employee orientation, evaluating performance, growing your company and more. But if it’s poorly written (or not written at all), your company can face all sorts of problems, from unproductive employees to serious legal troubles. Read more...
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