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How Coaching After Training Helps Ensure Performance Improvement

Sometimes managers feel frustration when they send team members to training but don’t see as much performance improvement from those team members as they hoped for. However, there is one key step businesses can take to make training much more effective—providing coaching afterward.

The Importance of a Learning Culture

There have been enormous shifts in the economic, technological and social fronts over the last few decades. These changes demand that our workplaces evolve to meet the new challenges and opportunities. To that end, even companies who currently train their people need to expand their efforts to create a culture where learning is truly valued and seen as a strategic business tool.

Why Now Is a Great Time to Train Your Employees

Does training really improve employees' productivity and retention for their employers? Does training really help employees improve their wages? The answers are no longer a matter of opinion, anecdotal reporting or wishful thinking. According to several studies, the answer to both questions is clearly yes.

Is Experiential Learning Right for Your Organization?

What type of training are you bringing to your organization? While there's a place for both traditional and experiential learning, we're seeing a huge demand from companies who want their participants to learn in a more "hands-on," reflective and easily transferable training environment. The benefit of experiential learning is that it focuses not just on the learner's intellectual side, but the learning and development of the entire person.