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Our Take the Lead training program has proven to help organizations:

  • Learn about conceptual leadership frameworks and how they drive and guide a leader’s behavior
  • Identify hidden dangers to the organization and develop effective responses
  • Develop high-impact communication techniques to inform, persuade and build consensus
  • Formulate effective leadership strategies, execute strategic plans and make effective decisions consistently
  • Retain and engage employees by creating the right work environments and building trust
  • Create adaptable cultures that allow employees to thrive and grow

This extensive training program provides 11 sessions to train and develop leaders for current and future leadership challenges. This program is high-impact training, and each module is highly interactive with an emphasis on discussion and real-world applications. Contact an account manager today to determine which sessions are appropriate to meet the needs of your organization.

Who will benefit from this training

Senior leaders

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    Developing a leadership framework

    • Assess the main differences between leadership and management and why they’re important
    • Discuss the key elements of leadership—strategy, communication, decision making, culture, human capital and innovation
    • Explore the principles, values and attitudes that support an effective leadership framework
    • See how the elements of a leadership framework interact to become an internal compass

    Effective leadership strategy

    • Create an effective plan by studying customers, market share and the organization
    • Create a clear, easy-to-understand strategy summary that all stakeholders will remember
    • Identify unseen risks and opportunities and work through potential responses to deal with them
    • Develop a process to ensure that strategy is communicated effectively at all levels

    Executing a strategic plan

    • Learn why organizations fail to execute their strategic plans well
    • See how ineffective strategy execution impacts the organization in both the short and long term
    • Understand what the strategic plan really means to employees
    • Develop detailed plans for effective execution of strategy

    Communicating as a leader

    • Develop the savvy and skills necessary to ensure each group of employees receives the information they need, when they need it
    • Learn how to persuade others effectively by telling them “what’s in it for them” in all communications
    • Apply effective verbal presentation and writing techniques that gain attention and positive responses
    • Explore the best ways to build trust and appeal to people’s aspirations, ideals and pride

    How leaders create an adaptive organizational culture

    • Discuss how the key elements of organizational culture interact to create a unique business style
    • Analyze the culture of an organization
    • Explore the benefits and challenges of modifying a business culture
    • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that cause many cultural initiatives to fail

    Effective decision making

    • Learn about unconscious thinking traps and how to avoid them
    • Create a personalized decision-making checklist to ensure all critical factors are considered
    • Combine an evidence-based approach with personal experience to arrive at good decisions
    • Learn how to avoid the most common decision-making pitfalls and consequences

    Tough-minded leadership

    • Learn the critical factors of financial performance that compel leadership action
    • Work through the key performance indicators for each department and the organization
    • Develop effective plans to carry out actions that are unpopular but necessary
    • Gain the skills necessary to communicate strategically so all affected parties receive the information they need

    Retaining and engaging employees

    • Learn why talent retention and engagement are among the top requirements for sustainable, profitable organizational growth
    • Understand the factors in a work environment that attract employees and those that spur them to leave
    • Develop a greater level of trust with employees throughout the organization
    • Create a long-term strategy for increasing employee retention and engagement

    Leading a team of high performers

    • List important criteria to use in identifying high-performing team members
    • Learn how to manage high performers to yield consistent, superior results
    • Work through the challenges of managing teams with multiple high performers
    • Understand how to deal effectively with high performers with strong egos

    Collaborating and building alliances

    • Learn what department silos are and how and why they develop
    • Work through interdepartmental conflicts and build greater trust and collaboration
    • Develop guidelines for more effective interdepartmental communication
    • Learn what internal networking is and how it supports alliance building with other departments

    Human capital development

    • Learn why HCD is a critical element in the organization’s future profitability and growth
    • Assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in its HCD strategy and programs
    • Develop on-target methods for measuring your HCD program’s effectiveness
    • Ensure that HCD is integrated into the organization’s strategic plan