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In Setting Successful Employee Goals, participants will learn...

  • How to write effective, measurable and attainable goals
  • How to develop SMART goals
  • How to determine effective goals
  • How to help teams develop successful goals

Knowing how to set reasonable, measurable and attainable goals is a major step toward success—for individuals as well as teams. Setting goals is not like making New Year’s resolutions—writing down some quick thoughts on a piece of paper and then quickly forgetting them. Setting goals involves thought, consideration and an understanding of how to make goals pertinent, attainable and measurable.

Since many business projects are carried out by teams, the success of a company can often depend on the success of its teams. It is vitally important that teams establish goals to enable their members to work toward team goals and achieve success.

Who will benefit from this training

Prospective and current managers
Team leaders
Any employee who has the responsibility for setting goals for other employees

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    Fundaments of goal setting

    • Why goals should be set
    • The differences between goals and objectives
    • How employee attitudes affect the goals set for them
    • Why goals are personal and shouldn’t be made public
    • Set performance, not outcome
    • Set realistic and measurable goals
    • Goal setting—powerful written goals in 7 easy steps!
    • What SMART goals are and how to develop them

    Important goal-setting considerations

    • Setting goals too low
    • Setting goals at the right level
    • Questions to ask yourself when thinking through goals
    • Where goal setting can go wrong
    • Why most people will never reach their goals
    • Are your employees’ goals holding them back?
    • Are employee goals in line with company values?
    • Goals and creativity

    Setting and reaching goals as a team

    • Team goals are an important component of everyone’s success
    • A 6-step action plan for turning priorities into measurable and attainable goals
    • Overcoming the 10 major obstacles that keep teams from effectively setting goals
    • How to craft goals that workers can aim for and achieve
    • How to link goals to overall business objectives
    • Use achievable goals that bring about vision to motivate employees
    • Getting your employees to buy into the organization’s goals
    • The top 10 ways to harness inborn worker motivation to accomplish organizational goals

    How to ensure employees reach their goals

    • 10 steps to achieving goals
    • Measuring goal success
    • Success questions
    • Success stimulants
    • Success creed
    • Review employee goals