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In Poised and Powerful Public Speaking, participants will learn...

  • How to overcome nervousness, once and for all
  • How to organize their ideas—from introduction to closing
  • Ways to maximize the latest technologies to develop professional-caliber presentations
  • How to incorporate gestures that reinforce their message
  • How to speak up during meetings
  • How to change the tone, speed and volume of their voice to match the audience’s needs

The higher employees move up in their careers, the more they’ll be expected to communicate ideas clearly and powerfully before groups.

From saying a few words in a meeting to making a formal presentation to the board, they need a winning speaking style to convey that they’re in charge, credible and confident.

What if—today—they were asked to speak before a group of employees, co-workers from another department, clients, higher-ups or the public? Would your employees be ready? Prepared? Effective?

A few rare people would jump at the opportunity to stand at the podium and win over their audience with a perfectly crafted and delivered presentation. But chances are, the vast majority of businesspeople would avoid taking the floor at all costs because they feel anxious, unprepared or unsure of what to say or exactly how to say it.

The SkillPath Corporate Strategies training course Poised and Powerful Public Speaking was designed to create confident and dynamic speakers. We’ll walk through a step-by-step process so they understand how to develop and deliver the best presentation—from analyzing audience needs … to organizing material … to using audiovisuals … to handling tough questions. Whether it’s speaking in a small meeting or before a room full of people, they’ll be better at it after attending this training course. They’ll learn hundreds of battle-tested tips they can easily use and perfect. And whether they’ve never spoken before a group or they do it every day, they’ll take their speaking skills to a bold, new level.

Who will benefit from this training

Employees who are first-time presenters who need to build their skills and confidence fast
Employees who occasionally speak in public and need to feel more comfortable and effective
Employees who want to move up in their career and speaking before a group will be necessary

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    Basic presentation skills

    • 3 elements of a great presentation
    • The biggest misconception people have about public speaking
    • 5 types of speeches and how to excel at each
    • One of the biggest (and most easily overcome) obstacles to presentation success
    • ”Picture the audience naked” and other bad advice that should be forgotten
    • The ultimate goals—to inform, inspire, motivate, sell
    • The ground rules for jumping in and getting heard in fast-moving department meetings
    • An instant solution to the problem with most business presentations today
    • Proven tips for calming nerves—on the spot
    • Inspiring others—it all begins with a deep passion
    • How to create a confidence zone free of fear and anxiousness

    Organize thoughts into a flawless presentation

    • A step-by-step process for quickly structuring a solid speech
    • A stress-reducing, progressive approach to becoming more comfortable speaking up in meetings
    • The best way to rehearse before the big day
    • Different options for organizing main ideas
    • Gauge the exact length of a speech
    • Remembering material—the pros and cons of the most common approaches
    • Introductions—3 great tips
    • How to conclude a presentation in a memorable, positive way
    • The power of brevity—don’t overestimate the listeners’ patience!

    Build a relationship with the audience

    • Ways to instantly make an audience really like you
    • When and how to lay out the ground rules for question-and-answer sessions
    • How to “work the room” and get to know more about who’s there
    • How to quickly upscale a professional appearance
    • 6 classic ways to open—and capture the group’s undivided attention
    • How to make statistics and technical information sing—good-bye boredom!
    • The audience doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be there—what can be done?
    • Avoid the 5 top things speakers do that make audiences want to bolt
    • Analyze the audience
    • Losing an audience’s attention
    • How to separate the wheat from the chaff and give audiences only what they need to know

    Develop a winning speaking style

    • Storytelling … the magic ingredient in presentations they’ll long remember
    • A firm rule for deciding how and when to move around the stage
    • The secrets to eye contact
    • How to sound natural when presenting
    • How a voice can impact the message
    • Breaking the habit of talking too fast
    • Cashing in on what makes humor work
    • Gestures and the vital role they play in conveying a message
    • Use the podium as an advantage—not as a crutch
    • How to cut out ums, uhs and other verbal clutter and get to the point

    Presentation technologies to make a strong visual statement

    • 6 tips for using handouts that add to, not detract from the presentation
    • PowerPoint® do’s and don’ts
    • The proper use of a microphone
    • Getting comfortable with laptops, projectors—every type of presentation technology
    • Add the excitement of videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other audiovisual aids
    • The secrets to creating simple and clear PowerPoint slides
    • Remembering Murphy’s Law … what to do if the equipment fails

    Handle every challenge without missing a beat

    • How to field surprising questions
    • Delivering bad news or negative results—the right way
    • Make impromptu speaking much easier
    • Speaking before small groups—is it really different?
    • The biggest goof-ups and how the pros cover themselves
    • Lessons from the world’s great salespeople on how to persuade others
    • The danger of not checking out the layout, lighting and room size beforehand