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In Customer Service Training, participants will learn...

  • The secrets to staying cool when customers get hot
  • How to meet the unique challenges of customer service management
  • Hidden gold: How to turn complaints into profits
  • What CSRs really need to stay motivated and productive

Providing great customer service is a solid business decision with lasting results. Here’s what’s at stake: When customers are pleased, they’re likely to spend about 10% more on your product or service plus call again. But if they think they haven’t been treated right? More than 90% of them (according to a study by Technical Assistance Research Programs) will never buy from you again, even if you offer exactly what they’re looking for.

So, what makes the difference?

Well, it’s not any one thing. Rather, it’s a unique combination of skills, techniques and methods that the most dramatically successful customer service operations all share. None of these are difficult to accomplish or require extraordinary skills, but they may take years to develop and refine on your own—and cost you customers as you learn.

That’s what makes this training course so valuable. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to get your customer service managers, supervisors and representatives up to speed on the best ways to handle difficult customers, deal with stress, motivate others, find the new personnel you need and put that extra “something” into every customer contact—all in one day!

This powerful day of training consists of a variety of skill-building, information-packed sessions—each one explores a critical aspect of serving customers better. There’s so much to learn and experience in this unique day—just imagine how successful your customer service efforts could be if each person who attends were to pick up and apply just one skill from the hundreds presented—this training will literally pay for itself many times over!

Who will benefit from this training

Customer service managers
Call center managers
Team Leaders
Customer service representatives
Lead Reps and specialists
Anyone has regular customer contact and is responsible for taking care of customers’ orders, requests or problems

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    Effortlessly manage lions, tigers, bears and other difficult customers

    • What works—and doesn’t work—for disarming an angry customer
    • How to take the bite out of asking questions that must be asked when the customer is “on edge”
    • How to let customers feel they’re right—without bending company policies and procedures (the two are not mutually exclusive!)
    • The powerful “wrinkled face” technique for releasing anger

    Extreme motivation: Powerful ways to keep CSRs pumped and productive

    • The golden rule of managing customer service employees
    • How to slow down turnover and keep employees more satisfied
    • Recent research on the toll that some management styles take on customer-contact employees
    • What job factors matter most to customer service reps
    • Incentives update: Who and what to reward and how to get the best results

    Breaking news: What today’s customers really expect—and how to deliver it

    • Customer service recovery tips that work wonders in bouncing back from blunders and mistakes
    • Ways to identify and avoid the deadliest customer turnoffs
    • How to use language that soothes—rather than alienates—customers
    • The powerful golden rules for working with customers
    • How to make sure that what is being said is what the customer hears

    How to teach employees to give 110%—and then some

    • How to measure smiles, voice tone, friendliness and other service intangibles
    • A step-by-step system for spelling out customer service expectations
    • How to implement standardized customer service and make it work for business
    • 12 ways to measure the effectiveness of efforts to deliver quality customer service

    Mirror, mirror on the wall: Is your voice as friendly as your smile?

    • Don’t sound like a recording, vary voice inflection using these 4 simple tips—and watch how customers respond
    • Here’s how to breathe towards a calmer voice
    • How to get irate customers to back down by simply changing how loudly or softly you speak
    • The absolute single best tool for getting off to a good start with a customer

    Down with stress! Look and sound wonderful—even on the worst days

    • How to detect signs of stress before it gets out of hand
    • How to lower tolerance to stress … and amazingly reduce the amount of stress experienced at work
    • Avoiding burnout: Secrets the highest-volume service centers swear by
    • How to play the “time warp” game immediately after a nasty encounter with a customer—stress will melt away!

    Deflecting the sting of put-downs, criticism and attacks

    • How to stop “taking the blame” … and build a bulletproof shield
    • How to find the grain of truth in most criticism and grow from it
    • Become aware of and eliminate harmful passive-aggressive behaviors that mask hurt feelings
    • Understand the 5 levels of reaction to personal criticism
    • A surprising technique that takes a little self-control but is amazing in its ability to deflect the sting of criticism

    How to build rapport—and win respect

    • How to master the art of making instant connections with customers
    • 5 great ways to quickly get customers on your side
    • Know how to tap into the little things that mean a lot to customers
    • The critical difference between “you” and “I” messages and which to use to project honesty and sincerity
    • ”Style stepping” … master this technique to make customers feel comfortable and taken care of

    Help! I need an emergency attitude makeover!

    • Sweat the little stuff? Here’s help in putting things in perspective
    • How you can dramatically alter your life by the way you think
    • The “path of least resistance” can work magic in a service job
    • How moods can affect a job, success and happiness

    When the answer must be “no”—how you say it is 99% of your success

    • Don’t have to be a doormat … learn how to stand up for your company and still win customers
    • The difference between the hard “no” and the customer-friendly “no”
    • The fundamentals of assertive—not aggressive—behavior and how they apply to a job
    • How to fulfill customer needs without selling the store