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In Critical Discussions, participants will learn...

  • How to identify critical discussions in the past that have made a difference in their life and career
  • How to discuss key elements of critical discussions
  • How to develop greater emotional intelligence and a constructive, confident mindset to handle critical discussions
  • How to use appropriate communication skills more effectively at critical times

Although good communication is always an important element in business and in life, there are some critical discussions that can be difficult in large and small ways. Most people are not mentally well prepared for these types of discussions. This training course provides participants with the tools they need to develop a mindset that supports improved skills and results in greater effectiveness in handling critical discussions.

Who will benefit from this training

Senior managers
Team leaders
Customer service personnel
Administrative staff

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    Defining critical discussions

    • Defining critical discussions—what they are, when they occur and why they’re important
    • Remembering how past critical discussions have changed our lives
    • Why critical discussions often don’t go well—when fight or flight overcomes reason and positivism
    • What emotional intelligence is and how it ties to the outcomes of critical discussions

    Supporting positive outcomes

    • Developing a constructive, confident mindset that supports positive outcomes
    • Using personal values and goals as initiators and guidelines for maintaining the right mindset
    • Dealing effectively with emotions when they are strong
    • Long-term strategy for developing personal mental preparedness for critical discussions

    Facilitating good discussions and communication

    • How to help discussion partners feel free from threat so they will engage in dialogue
    • Practicing appropriate responses when dealing with a discussion partner who isn’t responding well
    • Listening well—the critical skill for critical discussions
    • Choosing words and tone well

    Personal communication and discussion tools

    • How to influence and persuade others at critical times
    • Preparing for critical discussions with groups—how to overcome fear and show strength
    • Dealing with the toughest cases
    • After the critical discussion—how to overcome a setback or capitalize on success